Jogunk van a boldogságra való törekvéshez

Magától értetődőnek tartjuk azokat az igazságokat, hogy minden ember egyenlőként teremtetett, az embert teremtője olyan elidegeníthetetlen Jogokkal ruházta fel, amelyekről le nem mondhat, s ezek közé a jogok közé tartozik a jog az Élethez és a Szabadsághoz, valamint a jog a Boldogságra való törekvésre.

(Részlet az Egyesült Államok függetlenségi nyilatkozatából)



Than for the first time you look around
And the beauty nature is revealed
Then you listen to the harmony of the universe
The symphony of the stars
Than everything starts to become more and more beautiful
Layers and layers of beauty are revealed
You eyes have a penetrating force
Wherever you look
You go deep
Even in rocks
You feel flowers blossoming

What you are
In this vast universe
Not even a small cell

If you listen to the ego
The ego will put you again and again
On a neurotic path
The path of being somebody


For your real being no competition is needed
You are already that
The highest


But man is very egoistic
He cannot feel at ease
Just to be himself
He wants some great mission
To be attached to his ego
I don’t see any
The whole may have something
But no individual has it


Life you can live, as if you are in a hypnosis
That is how 99% people live
Or you can live with intensity, awareness

If you live life with awareness
You mature
A Mature ones, never dies
Because he will learn even through death
Even death is going to be an experience
To be intensively lived

Everything that is, is now
Everything that is alive is now alive
Now is the only time
The only eternity


Darkness does not exist
It only appears to be
In fact it is just an absence of light
Light exists
Remove the light
There is darkness


This moment is all
And my insistence is this
That you are already that which you are searching


A child is energy
Sheer delight and energy
Just jumping for no reason
And so happy
That even if you reached to the paradise
You will not jump like that
And he is jumping for nothing
Or he has gathered few collored stones
And is simply mad with delight

Be like a child
And always retain
The purity


Life is a river
A flow
A continues
With no beginning
And no end
It is not going somewhere
It is always here


Enlightenment is not something that you have to choose
When there is no choice
That which remains is enlightenment


The ego is afraid
It is saying
What are you doing
Loosing yourself


Listen to the gaps
Between the words
Listen to the emptiness
Between the lines
Listen to me not what I say
Then an understanding will arise

And suddenly like a flash of lightening
You will be able to see me
And the original that is right now happening before you

Music does not mean much
In fact it doesnt mean at all
Just sounds
But music gives you something of the unknown


Life seems just a shadow of breath
when breath disappears
Life disappears

So this phenomena of breath
Has to be understood


This is the way to live
One moment
Be in it
But be in it so totally
That nothing is left be to carried in another moment
Never carry on things from the past, it is gone
Every moment, be rid of it
Solved or not solved
Nothing can be done about it
Drop it off


Why this constant inquiry
What to do
Can’t you allow life in any way


You can waste your life easily, with comfort
You can live comfortably
And you can die comfortably
With me, there is danger